Monday, 13 August 2018

Pecha Flickr

Link to Screencastify

This week we have been learning how to tell a story by using photos that can summarize the story without reading. This certain way of telling a story is called Pecha Flickr. To make our task easier we chose our own partners. So to help me complete this task I worked collaboratively with my partner Junior. We chose our partners so they can help us improve our writing skills by proof reading and communicating with each other. Next we chose five photos from google images that will tell our readers what we have been learning about. At the end of this activity I have learnt the structure and order of a narrative. I have also gained the skill to link ideas throughout the paragraphs so it has a smooth flow. 


  1. Hi Miki and Junior, This was an amazing work you have written and done. I suggest that you should put more power and volume to your screencastify. My favourite part was paragraph 3 because it says "The whirring sound of the helicopters blades came louder.

    Great work boys :)


  2. Hi Miki and Junior I really enjoyed reading your paragraph. 'Not to far from us another small bout full of people wanted to do the same as us' This sentence hooked me in because I thought it was only them and no one else. I was wondering why you chose to write about rescue?

  3. Hey Miki, your writing was impressive. The part that hooked me in is when you wrote ' I was there but I couldn't swim and I might cause a bigger problem'This sentences hooked me in because he did not swim so he won't cause more trouble. Good job Miki.

  4. Thank you San Kyaw for commenting on my blog. The reason that I chose to write about rescue is that my partner and I like to help other people.