Saturday, 30 September 2017

PBS Holiday Blogging Challenge

Today is Day 2 for the Blogging Challenge. For this activity I use smart searching skills to find 5 interesting facts about the Sky Tower. 


  1. Hi Mikihiro good to see you joining the LS2 and LS1 Blogging Challenge. I like your five facts. They are really interesting. I didn't know that the Sky Tower opened on the 3rd of August 1997. Next time can you check your sentences to see if it makes sense. Keep up the great work!

  2. Konichiwa Mikihiro, I really love the image you used for your work.I also like your 5 facts you have written. One of the things that is good to see is that your colors match with the writing because people can read easier. Great Work Mikihiro.

  3. Hi Mikihiro,
    This really looks cool. Well done for completing your task. I really like number 4 because I would like to have partys over there.


  4. Kia Ora Mikihiro, I really like the photo because it stands out and you are able to see it clearly. I also like the 5 interesting facts you found, they are nicely detailed. Nice work Miki!

  5. Hi Mikihiro,
    You did a great job at writing 5 interesting facts about the Sky Tower. I like the way you added a photo of the Sky Tower. I think that the background color suits the Sky Tower Image.

  6. Hi Mikihiro
    I found your facts interesting. I really like how the colours of your DLO go well together. Great work for attributing your images.
    Well Done Mikihiro

  7. Greeting Miki,
    Congratulations on completing the first activity for day 2 of the holiday blogging challenge! Your facts about the Sky Tower are really interesting. Did you already know these facts, or did you find them off of a website? Because these are really cool facts, and I learnt a lot from reading them. I didn't know that there was a cafe in the Sky Tower.
    Keep Up The Awesome Blogging!

    - Jack

  8. Hey Miki,
    Nice job completing day one of the activities! I didn't know before that you could see for 82 kilometres on a fine day, so you have taught me something.
    Nice job

  9. Hey Miki
    Great work, I hope you are having fun. I really love is that you are talking about what you are doing.

  10. Hey Miki
    Wow, 82 kilometers is a long way. I had no idea you could see that far. I have a question, have you ever been to the Sky Tower? Keep up the amazing work.