Thursday, 31 August 2017

Why it's Great To Be Me?

It's great to be me because my personal goals is Electronic Engineer so they make a world better and people can use electronic things easy. Other thing is Make a robot for help people to more better then now and they helpful when it is like fire or people can't move. 

Why standing up to bullies are important - CARE Award : Confidence

This is a part of the my silver CARE Awards Confidence. This week we learned how to stand to a bullies and we made this animation with my friends Carl and Sanujan. I think this DLO help when you need standing up to bullies. To complete  this task I worked with Sanujan and Carl. In this video Carl is the bullies, Miki is the person who got bullies and Sanujan is the person who helping Miki. I hope you enjoy watching this video.

First Food Tech

Today at Tech we had a new rotation. The new rotation was food tech. In our first session we were making Oreo Milk shake. Our Food Tech teacher was called Mrs Heka. Mrs Heka showed us how to make milk shake and how to clean the kitchen after  use. Cleaning and making the milk shakes was really easy.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Showing respect.

Today I created a DLO of photos of people showing respect at school. I have now completed my Respect task for my CARE award.  Some examples are picking up rubbish to keep our school clean, respecting the class environment, making friends and recycling the milk cartoons. These are all ways that we show respect for our school.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Writing my worst mistake

‘Let me tell you about my worst mistake in my old school. At the school teachers told us to draw the paint on the wall but I accidentally painted the window. My teacher told me to get the paint off so I tried to get the paint off the window, but the paint was very hard and wouldn’t come off. The next day there was no paint on the window so I asked my teacher where it was. My teacher said “I cleaned it up last night.”
I told my teacher I was sorry for painting on the window and said thank you for cleaning the window. When I saw it was ok my body is stopped shaking because I thought I needed to buy a new window!

Today we did the 5-7-10 activity for writing to describe the worst mistake we have ever made. We had to write for 5 minutes, share what we had written with a buddy for 7 minutes, and then carry on writing for another 10 minutes.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Fraction Excration

Today I comprele a DLO of maths and we learned about cross multiplication. I working with my friends Sanujan, Jericho and Carl. 


This term we have started choosing our careers. The DLO is about Electronics Engineer. This DLO I have inculud About Training, Pay, and Skills Needed. 

Tuesday, 22 August 2017


Today we I made a Flextangle. The hardest thing is draw the same patterns the easiest thing is draw the colours. We use hot color and cold color. Next time I like to draw the patterns more clear.

Making Connection

Making Connections
L.I. Identify connections text to text, text to world and text to self

Text to Text
Text to world
Text to self
Something I have read or watched that is like this is...
Something I know about that is like this is...
My reaction to this story is...
Something I have read or watched that is like this is Blaze the forensic of fire. This book also involves how they investigate a fire and they explain what happened in the victim's house. It tells us why it is important to find out what happened at the place of the fire and they find out why that person did it unless it was sent by someone inside the house that was probably cooking our someone was playing with the lighter or the matches.
Something I know about that is like this is accidental fires can occur when candles are left unattended and lightning strikes can hit tree or people's homes  causing naturally occurring. Arsonists are people who intentionally set fire. Fire investigators at the scene of a school fire and  to investigators find  out where the fire started.

  • That it involves having to be a witness

  • Being responsible

  • Learning lessons

  • Learning important information
  • Finding a cause

  • Being patient
  • Investigating something

Today for reading we were working Text to Text, Text to World, Text to World and I working with Jona - Dana and Sky to cerebrate and complete the all works. 

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Evaluation of My Animated Digital Story.

Evaluation of My Animated Digital Story
The digital media outcome will be an animated digital story in ‘Scratch’, relating to the context of Healthy Living in the Tamaki community.
The animated story must include the following:
  • Information on that informs readers about concepts relating to Healthy Living in the Tamaki community
  • At least two sprites
  • At least two different backdrops

My Animated Digital Story is about people picking rubbish.
My Animated Digital Story relates to the context of Healthy Living in the Tamaki Community because picking rubbish is the people can live in clean world.
My Animated Digital Story informs readers about concepts relating to Healthy Living in the Tamaki Community by telling people to stop throw the rubbish.
My Animated Digital Story includes at least two sprites.  These sprites are Cat and Marcus.
My Animated Digital Story includes at least two different backdrops.  These backdrops are playground and park.
I think that readers will enjoy my Animated Digital Story because my story is for clean the world.

Changes and adjustment that I could make to improve my Animated Digital Story include better backdrops and long story.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Life at PBS

Today I have completed a CARE Award activity. This activity was a part of Respect. The task I did was called Life at PBS. For this task I had to make a collage of myself showing all the great things I have done at my time at Panmure Bridge School.


Today at the tech year 7's were trying to finishing the two more animation. Then I finished one of animation today however I still have two more animations to do. 

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Wednesday, 2 August 2017


Today Ofa, Sanujan and I Create a kahoot then we show other partner to play my kahoot and I also play other peoples kahoot then I am second place.


Today for maths I create a DLO about our learning. First we trying to figure out some question then we answered question three.

Let me tell you something about lunchtime at PBS

Let me tell you something about lunchtime at PBS. When the bell rings the teacher lets us out to eat our lunch. Everyone eats lunch with their friends. After the lunch some people go outside for training or to play handball. Some Ls1 & Ls2 play hand ball like a small competition. The training people do Netball, Rugby or Basketball. Some little kids run around the field like a small cheetahs.

Today for writing we talked about how to write a story at PBS. When our time was up my partner and I checked each other’s work for mistakes in the writing. My partner and I looked for where it makes sense and where it need more details.