Saturday, 30 September 2017

PBS Blogging Journey

This is my second activity I completed and I had really fun doing this. I also learned new things about Rainbows End.


  1. Hi Mikihiro,
    The DLO that you've created is very descriptive. Great work on completing this activity as well. It's great that you've learnt a lot from this activity, and I really like your reason on why you think their are height restrictions.
    Keep It Up!

    - Jack

  2. Kia Ora Miki,
    The DLO you have made is outstanding effort. I like how you have attributed the photo. I think next time you should check your sentences to see if it make sense. Keep up the great work!

  3. Hello Miki, I like how your information is all in boxes and how there is a picture of at what height you are able to ride and I also like the attributed image you used of the Stratosphere. Great job!

  4. Hi Miki
    I like how you add the persons name to the site, you need to work on adding the link to the page so that they can read the site if they wanted to. You didn't needed to add that much words to your blog post because your information was on the google drawing.

  5. Hi Miki,
    Great job with this DLO! Also, do you think that maybe they add a height restriction so the harness works properly?
    Keep it up Miki!