Thursday, 31 May 2018

HIIT - Platise

This term half of the people from our class is focusing on HIIT training on Tuesday and Thursday. At HIIT we were using the heart rate monitors to look at our heart speed. This week we were learning about Squats and Squat Jumps. I really enjoyed learning Squats,. 

Food Tech Reflection

Today is the new session of Tech. At Tech our group was Food Tech. We made Pancakes which was difficult in some stages. The hardest thing for baking the Pancakes was to controll the heat. The easiest thing to baking the Pancakes was to measure the ingredients. I really enjoyed learning how to bake Pancakes as I will cook some at home.

The Ingredients was : 
1 and 1/2 of Flower
1/2 of Sugar
1 cup of Milk
1 egg

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

6 Hats

This week our class has been focusing on poetry. We were learning about a ballad poem called our heritage. Once we listened we used the six thinking hats to explore more about the poem. Ofa, Fraidoon, Aung Naing and I worked really hard to make sure we wrote everything in our own words and made sure we answered the questions. I learnt what a ballad poem is. A ballad poem is a poem that tells a story. I found out that a bullocky is an animal driver.

First Rugby Match in New Zealand

This week for Inquiry we were learning about Charlotte Annee. The task was to find out what 1870's life reflection was. Our group chose the First Rugby Match in NZ. The most Interesting facts about the First Rugby Match in New Zealand was in first rugby play there are 18 people in the field but now just 15 people are allowed to play at once. Most hardest things to making this DLO was to creating a Rugby Gif. For this activity I worked with my friend Ofa, Fraidoon, Aung Naing to complete this DLO. 

Kiwi Sports Reflection

This term for Kiwi Sports we were learning about Rippa Rugby. Today we separate to 3 groups which is Blue, Green and another Blue. Fist we played worm up game called octopus. Then we move on to the Real Rippa Rugby game. The rule was easy first I need to have two Rippas, and I can pass the ball to the front when I have two Rippas and if someone take one of the rippas we need to pass to the back. The game was quite fun and every one was passing to the each other.  

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Reading - Making Connections - The forty coats Man

This week for Reading we were reading the book called The Forty Coats Man. Then we moved on to the Making Connections. For Making Connections I answered Text to text, Text to World and Text to self. The main characters in this story were Jerri, Forty Coats and Mrs Archie. The most interesting thing in this book was when the Police came and took Forty Coats but Forty Coats came back to the Jerri's house. 

Samoan Language

This week is the Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa ( Samoan Language week). For it LS1 and LS2 worked collaboratively to learned about the Samoan culture. We were researching what Samoan flag means and what symbolises about coat of arms that Samoa has. The theme of this year is Alofa atu nei, Alofa mai taeao. It means Kindness given, Kindness gained.I worked with Oscar, Jeremiah K, Leroy and Te Pounamu to create this DLO.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

My First Flight

My First Flight

The sun has gone down and the moon began to rise slowly. Tonight I was going to fly for the first time. I felt scared and nervous. The wind blew strongly from behind me, forcing the branches shake more than they already were. My Mum encouraged me to be brave.

My body began to shake and my heart was beating like a drum. I lifted one of my feet and got ready for flight. I then leapt off the edge of the tree and flew, making the leaves shake. The wind thrust me forwards into the air, my wings shook from the force my body was whirling through the air. Then I remembered how my Mum had told me to calm down and focus on staying in the air.

When I was young I wanted to fly high in the sky like my Mum, my Dad and my friends. Now that I’m flying like everyone else, I’m so ecstatic! Although I think I need to practice more, because the next thing I want to do is fly higher and faster.

I could feel the soft wind around my body and tilted my wings to lift myself up. I saw the insects sleeping in the tree, heard the small creatures moving quickly, trying their best to stay away from me. I felt very brave and excited because I was flying on my own. I think my Mum and Dad will be proud of me.

The next day I flew home and I told every one about what I did. I said that flying was very scary and dangerous at first but when you got used to it, it was also extremely thrilling. I then aimed to be the best flying Owl.

This term I was learning about how to write a narrative, for this particular narrative I needed to write about an owl taking its first flight after using some photos and a short explanation as ideas. I found this topic hard to write but I managed to finish because my partner (Junior) and plan helped me. 

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Maths - Animal Question

This is the my 4th Maths activity for this week. This term we missed some Maths Work because this term we went on inter school competitions. Today I looked at the bar graph and question to answering it true, False or NEE. For this activity I worked with my friend Carl.

Kiwi Can

This term for Kiwi can we were learning about leadership. First we talked about what is the leader ship and who is our role models are. Then we move on to the energizer. The energizer was Doggy Doggy.

Tech - Reflection

Today is the last session of Tamaki College Art Tech for this year. At Tech we were learning about Maori patterns and Waka Huia. The Waka Huia is the Maori Traditional Treasure Box. This art work represent the maori culture.

Kiwi Sport

This term for Kiwi Sport is Rippa Rugby and our coach is Hamish. Today was the second session for Rippa rugby. First we played the game called Rippa octopus. Then we played Rippa Rugby on the court because the fields was wet. I enjoyed playing Rippa rugby today because the activities we played. I mostly enjoyed Rippa Octopus. Thank you to Hamish for coaching us and Mrs Morris for supervising us. 

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Wild Boar - Reading

Today for reading we learn about Wild boar and read a story about it. I learned there are many kinds of Wild boar specially in Asia. Wild boar is a very dangerous animal. It is similar to a pig and a bear. For this activity I worked with my friend Carl.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

This is Why We Need Skeletal System


Today for inquiry we created a Gif about the skeletal systems. We used EzGif to to create this Gif. We used Play-Doh and toothpick to create a human figure to show you what it looks like without bones and with bones. The toothpick stands for the "skeleton" on the human clay. We learnt that there are 300 bones for new born and 206 for adults. The  reason why we created this Gif was to show you why we need the skeletal system and how important they are. 

Making Connections

Today for reading I read the book called I'm a Wimp. First we did Reciprocal reading. Then I made a Making connection and answered the all of the questions.

Maths - Fence Post

Today for maths we are solving problem about Fence post. This question is so tricky at first I really don't understand the question and how to do it, but we manage to solve it. Carl and I work hard to answer this question.

Maths - Fraidoon and Alex Salary

Today for maths we were learning about salary of Fraidoon and Alex. We solve who's salary is bigger after 5 years.  Fraidoon has bigger salary than Alex we add numbers to solve the problems. Fraidoon salary after 5 years is $43,700 and Alex salary is $39,500. We make a table to add up all of the numbers to get the answer. For this learning I worked with my friend Carl.

Travel to School

Today for maths we calculate how student go to school. 50% of the class use car to go to school,  36.4% walk to go to school. Carl, John and I work hard to calculate the exact percentage on Google sheet and we make a pie of the percentage, then we got all of the percentage.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

What is the Metaphor

This week we were learning about Metaphor's. First I read the poem called Seasons. Then we answered all of the questions. For example, "What is the Metaphor?" Next we created a DLO showing you about What is the Metaphor and Example of the Metaphor. I think this DLO helps you when you want to know about Metaphor. 

Tech Reflection

Today is the second to last day for Art with Ms Telefoni. At Tech we were learning about Waka Huia. First we answered all of the Waka Huia question. The question was quiet hard because I needed to search more and more interesting information. Then we drew maori patterns and to design it on sheet of paper. For my drawings I drew a Hei Tiki design. I learnt that Waka Huia is the Traditional Maori Personal Treasure Box.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Kiwi Sports - Rippa Rugby

This term for Kiwi Sport coach Hamish taught us about how to play Rippa Rugby. First we were separated into  three teams. Then we played the game called rugby net ball. The rule is simple if someone touched when you have a rugby ball you need to pass to other team mate. 

Kiwi Can

The theme of this term is Integrity and our topic is Making Good choices and Bad choices. The Integrity is doing good things when someone was no watching. The example of Making good choices are don't play games when you are learning and Bad Choices are playing games when you are doing learning. Then we move on to the energizer and played the game called Protect the Jedi. For this game we need to hit the Jedi using the soccer ball. I had fun doing this activity and I manage to hit the lot of people.

Monday, 14 May 2018


Today we created a DLO about words clines. All the words had to mean the same thing and to relate to the same topic. I think that clines are words that we can use to make more powerful sentences.


Key into Evaluation
Level One Set T2

Evaluation requires the skills or reorganisation and inference.  Answers
must come from the information in the story. Look for keywords. Consider
the writer’s intent.

The Flagman

The man who lives across the road from me has a flagpole in his front yard.  
He has lots of different flags, I always look to see which one is flying.

He has one with a bright yellow sun on it and he puts it up on hot summer
days.  He put it up on a dark day in the middle of winter a couple of years ago.
It didn’t make me feel any different and he hasn’t done it again.  Some of his
flags advertise things, some have pictures like the one with the sun, and
some are just designs. He loves them all.

He’s not a young man, and he tripped one day, stumbled forward and fell
against the wall of his house.  The next thing I knew, he had his arm in plaster
and in a sling. The day after that I was surprised to see that his flag was not
at the top of the flagpole.  Flying a flag low means someone has died. I
asked him who it was. It was his turn to be surprised - he didn’t know
what I was talking about.

I pointed up at the flag.  He seemed quite upset. He undid the rope and
awkwardly tugged on it, to raise the flag higher.  I took a step forward and
tugged it with him. It went to the top and he fastened the rope firmly at the
bottom of the pole.

a.  Who is the first up in the morning, the man across the road or the writer?  
Why do you say that?
The first person up in the morning is man across the road because the writer
say “I always look to see which one is flying” that means man across the
road is already put the flag before the writer looks.

b.  Why do you think he flew the flag with the sun on it in the middle of winter?
He flew the flag with the sun on it in the middle of winter because he wanted
to make people feel better on a dark day.

c.  Had someone died?  Why do you say that?
Someone didn't die because he didn't know what it meant and he was

d.  Why did the writer help the man raise the flag higher?
The writer help the man raise the flag higher because he couldn’t get the flag
to the top with his arm in the praster.

Reaction question:

Do you think it was a good thing for the neighbour to fly flags?  Why do you
say that?
I think it was a good thing for the neighbour to fly flags because it represent
This week for reading we read the poem called The Flag man. Then I wrote the answer using the question and words from the poem. 

A summer and winter walk

In summer I get dressed for school and make sure my arms see the sunlight.
The street awake and chattering.
Trees motionless and attractive.
Birds are flying and whistling.
Clouds high in the sky and far, far away from humanity.
Carefree people laugh and smile.

The bell goes but no one hurries to class

In winter I get dressed for school and make sure my arms are hidden from the darkness.
The street asleep and silent.
Trees moving and unsightly.
Birds are hiding in their nests.
Heavy clouds are low in the sky, nearly touching the earth.
Downcast people moan and whine
The bell goes and everyone hurries to class.

Today John, Miki and I, wrote our own version of Two Day Wonder by David Hill. The poem was a about a good day and bad day. We created our own version that describes walking to school in summer and in winter to show how writers can use juxtaposition to paint a clear picture in the reader's mind. Juxtaposition is when two things are side by side that are opposites.

 To help us use powerful describing words we looked at synonyms. We then used the synonyms to create a word cline. This helped us to see some words are stronger than other words. We tried to use strong words to hook in our audience by painting a picture in their mind,

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Body Systems

This term for Inquiry we were learning about Body Systems. This DLO shows the name of the my body parts in Maori to English. I think this DLO helps to remember the maori name of the body parts. I enjoyed making this DLO because I like to draw things on the Google drawings.

Tech Reflection

Today for Tech we were learning about Light, Shade and Shadow. I draw the shapes and pictures using the Light, Shade and Shadow.  I had fun doing drawing and I learned that when I draw the shade the shade must be light to dark.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

The English Language

The English Language

L.I. Language features - End rhyme
Parts of speech - Homonyms

Some people say that you’re a dear,
yet dear is far from cheap.
A jumper is a thing you wear.
yet a jumper has to leap.
It’s very clear it’s very queer,
and pray who’s to blame
for different meanings to some words
pronounced and spelt the same?
A little journey is a trip,
a trip is when you fall.
It doesn’t mean you have to dance
whene’er you hold a ball.
Now here’s a thing that puzzles me:
musicians of good taste
will very often form a band -
I’ve got one round my waist!

Harry Helmsley

Words that look the same but have different meanings are called?

Write out three pairs from the poem.
  • Ball
  • Trip
  • Band

The words at the end of some lines rhyme, this is called?
“A end rhyme”
Write out three pairs from the poem.
  • Dear/wear
  • taste/waist
  • Ball/fall

Write another 2 lines that could be included in this poem.
Illustrate your verse.

I hit the ball with a Bat.

I saw a Bat in the cave.

Today we were learning about what homonyms and end rhymes were. There was a poem that we had to finish. I worked collaboratively with my friend John.

Kiwi Sport - Reflection

This term for Kiwi Sport we are learning how to play Rippa Rugby. This week the coach was  absent and wasn't able to make it to come our school so Mrs Morris teach us how to play Rippa Rugby. I had fun doing Rippa Rugby and also it was bit hard because I never played Rippa Rugby before.. 


Today we were learning about Homonyms. The Homonyms are two words are same spelt and same sounds but the different meaning. My partner and I listed all the homonyms that we could come up with. These are examples to help you with what homonyms mean.

Kiwi Can

The theme of this term was integrity. Today we played the game called captenball. Then we played the Q&A. The Q&A was very fun but also bit hard and interesting. 


This week for Inquiry we were leaning about MRS GREN. For Inquiry I made DLO that show's about what is MRS GREN stands for and the meaning of each words. I think this DLO helps you to remember what are the 7 life processes.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018


This week we were solving the age of Richard, Craig, Jack, Peter and Malcolm. For this learning I worked with my friend Carl. I think this activity was bit hard.

Transum - Descimal Times

Today for Maths I did a Decimal Times. This game was quiet hard but I manage to complete all of the question.

How to Survive a Cow Attack

Today reading we were reading the article called A Shortcut. Then I made the DLO shows about How to Survive a Cow Attack. 

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Blog Commenting

Today I commented to Troy and Jack and I think they both did a great job.

Math - Body measuring

Today for math my partner and I created a drawing about body measuring. As we were measuring there was only one question that was false. Every group had there own answers because they have different sizes and how tall they are.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

The Unfinished Drink

Today we read poetry about the La Tour Mollet (Ted) d'Auvergne then wrote a small paragraph of 25 words about the Unfinished Drink. I learned about him. I felt sad when I read this poem because he died in the World War but I also felt happy because the drink he never drank is still there in memory of him.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Hineahuone - The Making of the First Women.


For inquiry we will be learning about the body system and to incorporate traditional Maori stories Mrs Anderson has prepared an inquiry about the Maori belief of Hineahuone. In Maori myth Hineahuone was the first lady created. She was created because the gods created an immaculate earth but their was no one to enjoy it. So Tane Mahuta molded Hineahuone out of the red earth. The impressed Tāwhirimātea whispered "Take my breath, and give her life." Tane then bent over the women he made and breathed deeply. The woman's chest moved and she sneezed. "Tihei" the god's were ecstatic. Today the hongi is a traditional welcome that came to be because of the story of Hineahuone.

Note: If can not clearly see the pictures or the words you can click on them to have a better view.