Saturday, 30 September 2017

PBS Blogging Challenge

This is my bonus activity in our PBS Holiday Blogging Challenge. We had to recommend a attraction at Rainbow's End and explain in 25 words why you would recommend that ride to friend. I recommend this Bumper Boats to my friend Carl.


  1. Greetings Mikhiro,
    Congratulations on completing day 1 of the holiday blogging challenge! You've worked really hard, and your blogging has been amazing. I like your 25 work description on why you would recommend the Bumper Boats to Carl, and your blurb that you've written for your blogpost.
    Keep Up The Awesome Work!

    - Jack

  2. Hi Mikihiro nice photo of the Bumper Boats. I've been on one and its amazing. I think Carl does want to go on the Bumper Boats. I think you have a great job. Keep up the great blogging!

  3. Hi Mikihiro,
    I like the way you explained why you would recommend the Bumper Boats to your friend. I also like the way you added a photo of the Bumper Boats.
    Amazing Job!

  4. Hello Mikihiro I like the photo of the Bumper Boats ride that you used and how you attributed it too. I also like your explanation of why you would recommend this ride to your friend. Great work!

  5. Hi Miki
    You did so good. I really like how you put the name to the image you r doing very well

  6. Hi Miki,
    I've been on the bumper boats too, and they are really fun! But I must say, they are pretty hard to control.
    Great job

  7. Hey Miki
    Great job on this activity. I also like to go on the bumper boats but my favorite ride is the Fear Fall. What other rides do you like? Keep up the excellent work.