Saturday, 30 September 2017

PBS Blogging challenge

The day one activity is Rainbow's End. For this activity I use the google maps and Rainbows End website to find where is Rainbows End and how much cost we need.


  1. Konichiwa Mikihiro,Congratulations for doing your first task.I am pleased to see you joining the PBS blogging over the holidays. Your blurb is telling me that you used google maps too.
    Fabulous Work.

  2. Hi Mikihiro,
    This blogpost is amazing! I really like how you used your maths in this activity to find the answer. You were being really smart with this activity, and your work is outstanding!
    Keep Up The Amazing Blogging!

    - Jack

  3. Hey Mikihiro, I really enjoy this post of yours. I like how you included the working out for finding how much it would cost for you family to go Rainbow's End and I like how you included the different things you used to help you during this activity in your blurb of this blog post. Great work!

  4. Hey Miki, I really like your DLO. I like how you have screenshot the prices to go to Rainbow Send. I think you deserve a price. You have done a great job. Keep it up!

  5. Greetings Miki
    I hope you have been enjoying your holiday. This is an awesome DLO that you have created. Wow I never knew you had four people in your family. I like how you have got images to support your sentence. Make sure you check your sentences so it make sense next time. Keep up this outstanding work Miki, your doing great.
    - Fraidoon

  6. Kon'nichiwa Miki

    I really like how you are enjoying yourself and having fun doing these activity.

    KEEP IT UP !!

  7. Hi Miki,
    It's good to see you are participating in this competition! Also, have you been to Rainbows End with family or friends? If so, what ride is your favourite?
    Nice work!

  8. Hi Miki
    Great job on completing your first PBS Blogging Journey activity. I find it weird how if you pay online it is cheaper. Keep up the good work.