Thursday, 30 August 2018

HIIT training

This week for HIIT training we were focusing to Star Jump, Squat, Tap step. The great thing about today was everyone was turned red. I need to say thank to Tiava, Mataio and Affonso to stay on task.

Kiwi sports

Today for Kiwi sports our group did a Netball. It was my first time playing netball. Miss Moris teach us how to play and some rules so I manage to play. The one of the thing that I learnt was I can't move when I has a ball in my hand.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Auckland Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour Bridge

Our last challenge was to compare the Auckland Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Both are Arch bridges but they are a different shape and the Sydney bridge is longer than the Auckland one. For this activity a worked with Josh.

Harbour Bridge

This term for Inquiry we were learning about different types of structures. Mr Johnson talked to us about the building of the Auckland Harbour Bridge and some fun facts about it. Then we had to research facts about the information Mr Johnson gave us, then Josh and I created a DLO with this information.

Panmure Bridge Time line

This term for Inquiry we have been learning about the different types of structures. Myself and Josh worked collaboratively to complete this shared DLO. We created this DLO to explain the timeline of Panmure Bridge. On this timeline myself and Josh drew different types of objects that were used back in the days like: television, newspapers, and phones. Myself and Josh decided to create a google slide to present our learning on. To create this DLO we also used our researching skills to find interesting information. I learnt that the first Panmure Bridge was not a bridge, but it was a punt. 

Tuesday, 28 August 2018


This week for Maths. Our task was to solve a few simple word equations. For this task we needed to know our multiplication and division. After the equations were solved we were to chose on of these questions and make an DLO about it. As you can see, in our DLO we've included the question, that we're blogging about. We've also showed the way how we worked out.

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Problem Solving

This week we were given a Problem from Mrs Anderson. The Problem was the what is the cheapest thing to fill the Rav 4. We found that the Petrol is the cheapest way to fill the tank but I thought that milk will be the cheapest one. For this activity I worked with my friends Jeremiah and Fraidoon. The reason that we did this was we can come up to the different ideas.


This week for reading we were reading the poem about The lost empire. After finished reading we answering some questions. Then we move on to the  creating DLO. For creating DLO we need to find map of New York and 6 places that we can go when we visit to New York that include Empire State Building. 

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Kiwi Sports - Snag Golf

This term for Kiwi Sports we were learning about Snag Golf. Today was the first time playing Snag Golf. The rule is simple I just need to hit the ball and aiming the lowest number which is number one. For this activity Miss Morris teach us how to play.

Trip to the Sky Tower

Today LS2 went trip to the Sky Tower. This was my second times going to the sky tower. First we went to the level 51 and it was quite big. I saw a lots of buildings and place for example Harbour Bridge, Mount Victoria and Rangitoto Island. Next we were finding the name of the place that we can see from the Sky Tower then we went to the level 45 which is the place we need to come in when it is fire or emergency happens the name was called Refuge room. I learnt in level 45 they have first AID kit, rescue bed and water fountain. After we finished all of the staff we go down and watched the movie about sky tower. I need to say big thank to Mrs Anderson, Miss Kirkpatrick, Mrs Linda and Mr Dobson for looking after us. I also need to say thank to Douglas Bates for donated us for trip to Sky Tower. Other thing that I learnt was every year they have a rescue competition and the fastest person in this year was 8 minutes and cup of seconds. I didn't know that sky tower is the same weight to 60,000 elephants. 

Reading - Best day of my life

For reading we were reading the book about bad day. Then we move on to the making DLO that show best day or worst day of my life. I chose to write about best day of my life. My best day of my life is about Japanese Calligraphy.

Food Tech - Pizza

This week is the second to last of food tech. Today I and my partner Fraidoon made a Pizza. The hardest thing to making this was cutting the onions because the knife didn't cuts well.

Ingredients : 


Wednesday, 22 August 2018

HIIT Training - T3 W5

Our HIIT group have been working on Push ups, Squats,  Tap step and Star jumps. Today the we have internet problem on our music but we all keep going and worked hard. The way we do was tabata style. The purpose of this is Pau te hau which is Get puffed. 

Monday, 20 August 2018

Ratio 1:2 Scale Drawing


This week is the Maths week. In our school we were learning about Scale Drawing. This is the second time doing Scale drawing. Last year I drew the Roger Federer and this year I drew Rafael Nadal. The drawing the person is quite hard because I need to draw the shading. 

Wheel Words

Today for reading we were doing wheel words for first 10 minutes. I manage to find a 6/14 of 4 letter words, 1/4 of 5 letter words and 1/3 of 6 letter words. For this activity I learnt we need a more time to complete the wheel words.

Reading - Eeling

This week for reading we were reading the poem about eel. Then we made a DLO that shows how to do eeling. I think this DLO helps for you how to get the eel and what tools we need.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Tech Reflection

Today at Tech I have made an omelette. I think it tasted very nice and I felt that it was cooked well. This was a definite highlight of my time in Mrs Tuipolotu's cooking class. Below is the ingredients. 

Ingredients :

1 small tomato
Half size of small purple onion
1 small block of cheese
3 eggs
1/4 of capsicum

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Kiwi Can Reflection

Image result for KIwi Can

For Kiwi Can this term the topic is Problem Solving. Today we firstly were asked to define problem solving. I think problem solving means to resolve an issue which includes two or more parties. We then talked about problems that we face and what can we do to solve it. We all learnt that using the same strategy over again is not always the greatest idea because the problem is still having an effect on you. After that we moved onto the energizer. for this energizer we were separated to two groups. The activity was quite fun and I think we all did great job. Today we ended in a general knowledge quiz. Jeremiah definitely showcased his knowledge during the activity as he went past the most people. 

HIIT training

Today for HIIT we have been pushing ourselves by doing push ups and star jumps. Every set consisted of twenty seconds of activities and 10 seconds of rests. This is called tabata. After we finished all of the exercises our arms began to ache because of the massive effort put in by everyone. Both of the activities we did today proved to be harder than what they seemed to be. Today not everyone made it into the red but I think everyone did a great job.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Pecha Flickr

Link to Screencastify

This week we have been learning how to tell a story by using photos that can summarize the story without reading. This certain way of telling a story is called Pecha Flickr. To make our task easier we chose our own partners. So to help me complete this task I worked collaboratively with my partner Junior. We chose our partners so they can help us improve our writing skills by proof reading and communicating with each other. Next we chose five photos from google images that will tell our readers what we have been learning about. At the end of this activity I have learnt the structure and order of a narrative. I have also gained the skill to link ideas throughout the paragraphs so it has a smooth flow. 

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

HIIT training

Today is the 6th time of doing HIIT this term. We did Squats, tap step, push up and star jump. I need to say thank to Tiava, Zane and Mataio for help us to complete this activity. The hardest thing for today was Push up because I need to used the hand and lift my self. 

Sunday, 5 August 2018

HIIT training

Today is the 5th session for this term of HIIT training. For HIIT we did a High knee sprint, mountain climber, tap step and star jumps. I think we all put lots of effort today. I need to say thank you to Tiava, Zane and Mataio for help us. 

Wheel words

Today for reading our group did Wheel words. I manage to find 7/15 of 4 letter words, 3/11 of 5 letter words without using hints. The reason that I didn't get lots of word is that we just did this in 10 minutes. 

Friday, 3 August 2018

Food Tech T3 W2

Today at Food Tech we made Butter chicken. For this learning I worked with my friend Fraidoon. The taste was nice, but next time I want to put more vegetables, because in  the butter chicken we just put Chiken and onion.

Steps : 
1 - Cut the chicken to small pieces.
2 - Cook the chiken until it turn brown.
3 - Scoop the chickn and put on the bowl.
4 - Cook the onion until it turn brown.
5 - Put the sauce, cream, chiken and spices into the pan.
6 - Mix it all together.

Ingridients : 

Half onion
1 cup of cream

Thursday, 2 August 2018

HIIT training


Today was our third session of HIIT for this term. The workouts we did were Mountain climbers, Splint squat karate kick, High knee sprints and Star jumps. We did 20 second rest and 20 seconds of the workouts. The purpose of this was to get Pau te hau which is Get puffed. The good thing about today is everyone's heart rate monitors got into red. 

Wednesday, 1 August 2018


Today for reading re were reading the poem about Gym. Then we answered the some question on the note. Next I created the DLO that shows how much is it to join and how old do we have to be. 

Making Connections

Today for reading we were reading the book about Invisible Clues. Then we move on to Making Connections. For making connections I answered Text to text, Text to world and Text to self. The one of the thing that I really impressed was the way people finding out small clues using a lots of tools.