Sunday, 1 October 2017

Holiday Blogging Challenge

This is my Day 3 activity 2 PBS holiday blogging challenge. Today I used Wikipedia and google to find the diet, Appearance and habitat. This activity was find one of sea creatures in Kelly Tarlton's  to make an infographic and I chose Sea Turtle.


  1. Hello Mikihiro I really like all the photos you used in this DLO and how you also attributed them. I think that the background of this google draw goes really well with the topic and I like how you put in the sea weed at the top. Keep up the fantastic work!

  2. Hi Mikihiro,
    I like the way you added photos of turtles. I also like the way you changed the background color so that it can suit the turtle images.
    Awesome Work!

  3. Greetings Miki,
    I really like the DLO that you created about Turtles, and I like how you put the DLO into three sections. Is there a specific reason on why you chose a Turtle over all the other sea creatures? And where did you find all of this information? I can't wait to see more amazing posts.
    Keep Up The Awesome Blogging!

    - Jack

  4. Hello Miki
    Good job on completing this activity. Which species of Turtle did you choose? Nice to see you attributed all of the pictures you used. Keep up the awesome work.

  5. Hi Miki
    Well done for taking part in the holiday blogging challenge. I enjoyed reading your DLO as it told me a lot about the sea turtle. Don't forget to check your spelling before you publish your finished work. You need to go back and change 'jerry' to 'jelly' please. Did you choose the sea turtle because we learnt about how the pollution in our oceans can affect their lives?
    Mrs A