Sunday, 25 March 2018

2 words 1 minutes Winter Olympics

Equipment Respect

This year Olympics was held in Pyeongchang. The Pyeongchang is in the South Korea. In Olympics they wear the right Equipment for each sport so the equipment helps you. Everyone is respect each other to make a great teamwork. For the teamwork everyone cheering and participation to own sport. Finally they got the medals. The medals are Gold, Silver and Bronze. This year theme is called Passion Connect. The word Passion is the something you are really like and connect is the people connecting with each other. The winter Olympics they showing the skills on the snow or ice. It happening in winter time.

104 words

Today we used the ‘2 words 1 minute’ challenge to write a description about the Winter Olympics. After talking in pairs about the things we knew about the winter Olympics we created a list of words (vocabulary) that would help us write our description. We chose the words ‘equipment’ and ‘respect’ to help us think about what we were going to write.

We talked about ideas with a partner, then we had 1 minute to put those ideas into sentences. We had to try our best to use all the words on our vocab list. After the minute was up we had 2 minutes to reread what we had written and make changes if anything didn’t make sense, or if we had words and punctuation in the wrong place. When we finished checking we had 2 more minutes to carry on writing our descriptions.

All the words I highlighted in my paragraph are the words used on my word list. I did really well is use the words on my list. I need to try hard to use the powerful words.

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