Sunday, 27 May 2018

My First Flight

My First Flight

The sun has gone down and the moon began to rise slowly. Tonight I was going to fly for the first time. I felt scared and nervous. The wind blew strongly from behind me, forcing the branches shake more than they already were. My Mum encouraged me to be brave.

My body began to shake and my heart was beating like a drum. I lifted one of my feet and got ready for flight. I then leapt off the edge of the tree and flew, making the leaves shake. The wind thrust me forwards into the air, my wings shook from the force my body was whirling through the air. Then I remembered how my Mum had told me to calm down and focus on staying in the air.

When I was young I wanted to fly high in the sky like my Mum, my Dad and my friends. Now that I’m flying like everyone else, I’m so ecstatic! Although I think I need to practice more, because the next thing I want to do is fly higher and faster.

I could feel the soft wind around my body and tilted my wings to lift myself up. I saw the insects sleeping in the tree, heard the small creatures moving quickly, trying their best to stay away from me. I felt very brave and excited because I was flying on my own. I think my Mum and Dad will be proud of me.

The next day I flew home and I told every one about what I did. I said that flying was very scary and dangerous at first but when you got used to it, it was also extremely thrilling. I then aimed to be the best flying Owl.

This term I was learning about how to write a narrative, for this particular narrative I needed to write about an owl taking its first flight after using some photos and a short explanation as ideas. I found this topic hard to write but I managed to finish because my partner (Junior) and plan helped me. 

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