Wednesday, 9 May 2018

The English Language

The English Language

L.I. Language features - End rhyme
Parts of speech - Homonyms

Some people say that you’re a dear,
yet dear is far from cheap.
A jumper is a thing you wear.
yet a jumper has to leap.
It’s very clear it’s very queer,
and pray who’s to blame
for different meanings to some words
pronounced and spelt the same?
A little journey is a trip,
a trip is when you fall.
It doesn’t mean you have to dance
whene’er you hold a ball.
Now here’s a thing that puzzles me:
musicians of good taste
will very often form a band -
I’ve got one round my waist!

Harry Helmsley

Words that look the same but have different meanings are called?

Write out three pairs from the poem.
  • Ball
  • Trip
  • Band

The words at the end of some lines rhyme, this is called?
“A end rhyme”
Write out three pairs from the poem.
  • Dear/wear
  • taste/waist
  • Ball/fall

Write another 2 lines that could be included in this poem.
Illustrate your verse.

I hit the ball with a Bat.

I saw a Bat in the cave.

Today we were learning about what homonyms and end rhymes were. There was a poem that we had to finish. I worked collaboratively with my friend John.

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