Monday, 28 August 2017

Writing my worst mistake

‘Let me tell you about my worst mistake in my old school. At the school teachers told us to draw the paint on the wall but I accidentally painted the window. My teacher told me to get the paint off so I tried to get the paint off the window, but the paint was very hard and wouldn’t come off. The next day there was no paint on the window so I asked my teacher where it was. My teacher said “I cleaned it up last night.”
I told my teacher I was sorry for painting on the window and said thank you for cleaning the window. When I saw it was ok my body is stopped shaking because I thought I needed to buy a new window!

Today we did the 5-7-10 activity for writing to describe the worst mistake we have ever made. We had to write for 5 minutes, share what we had written with a buddy for 7 minutes, and then carry on writing for another 10 minutes.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Miki, Great to see that you have been writing lots. I also like the fact that in the beginning you wrote, "Let me tell you about"
    we I read that I felt like you were talking to me and when I normaly read things I don't feel like they were talking to me.
    Thanks for sharing you amazing work with us. WELL DONE.

    Your Sincerely