Monday, 2 July 2018

M&M's Research

This week for maths we were learning about M&M's. The hardest thing this task was finding true answer because some of the answers didn't have a same information so that means one of them is false. The most easiest thing was working as team because we didn't argue with each other for anything and every one contribute. For this learning I learnt that each packet don't have the same amount of color because I believe that the machine pours in the M&M's and doesn't sort it by colours. I also think that M&M's are very creative because the M&M's are covered by candy shell which will prevent it from melting. After we made our DLO everyone in my group checked each others work.  The thing that I found very fun in making this DLO was working collaboratively and talked to each other. We did this because we learn with and from each other. The group that I have worked collaboratively was John, Mataio, Chavda and Hajera. 

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