Sunday, 10 December 2017

Maths Challenges

4. Six of the classes at your school are going to the pool for a swimming party. That means 125 students need to get on buses and each bus hold 48 students. How many buses will the school need?  Answer 3 buses
How to work it out? They have two ways to worked out this question.
1: First one is 125 divided by 48 is 2.6 the 2.6 is bigger than 2 so we need 3 buses.
2: Second one is one is first 48 X 2 is 96 but the answer is small than 125 48 X 3 = 144 the answer is bigger than 125 so we need a 3 buses.
As part as Christmas today for maths Ms Kirkpatrick decided to set a maths challenge for LS2. We worked in partners for one of our maths challenges and I worked with Ofa for the holiday problems. We had to solve all 4 problems. After that we had to choose one problem to explain how we solve it out. We decided to explain how we worked out number 4.

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