Thursday, 23 August 2018

Trip to the Sky Tower

Today LS2 went trip to the Sky Tower. This was my second times going to the sky tower. First we went to the level 51 and it was quite big. I saw a lots of buildings and place for example Harbour Bridge, Mount Victoria and Rangitoto Island. Next we were finding the name of the place that we can see from the Sky Tower then we went to the level 45 which is the place we need to come in when it is fire or emergency happens the name was called Refuge room. I learnt in level 45 they have first AID kit, rescue bed and water fountain. After we finished all of the staff we go down and watched the movie about sky tower. I need to say big thank to Mrs Anderson, Miss Kirkpatrick, Mrs Linda and Mr Dobson for looking after us. I also need to say thank to Douglas Bates for donated us for trip to Sky Tower. Other thing that I learnt was every year they have a rescue competition and the fastest person in this year was 8 minutes and cup of seconds. I didn't know that sky tower is the same weight to 60,000 elephants. 

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