Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Christmas Maths Challenge

This week LS2 have been focusing about Christmas maths challenges. I used some maths strategies to solve this problem. Something difficult I found was what type of present I should get for my family members. The easiest maths challenge of this task was solving Algebra questions.

This is the blog links for the slide 6. Click here

Tuesday, 12 December 2017


The Summer Learning Journey for NEXT Foundation from Next Foundation on Vimeo.

Today at the assembly the visitors from the NEXT foundation donate us a free lunch. We also watched our Video of Blogging to other school and Daniel's movie. Visitors name is called Mr Grady, Mr Burt, Mrs Grant, Mrs Lee, Mrs Pritchard, Mrs Jesson, Mr Sneddon, Rachel, Hazel, Mr Komode. 

Working Collaboratively - Christmas Around The World - Brazil

This week for inquiry we've been learning about Christmas around the world. Our group selected the country Brazil. We work collaboratively to find information about Christmas in Brazil. I worked with Mia, Sanujan, Jona and Tai. We found that Brazil Celebrate in a different day than us interesting because we thought they celebrate Christmas on the same day as us.

What We Had To Do 
Our task was to find sites that support our learning about Christmas in Brazil.
The site we used is called "Whychristmas". This helped us a lot because it had information about Christmas in all the countries the world.

Since we already found a site we created a google presentation saying....
Where Brazil is, the directions and also how long it takes to go there.
What food they eat in Brazil.
And more.

After we finished the presentation we created a screencastify explaining the learning we did. 
We had lot of fun creating a presentation and screencastify, also we had lots of fun learning about Christmas around the world.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Maths Challenges

4. Six of the classes at your school are going to the pool for a swimming party. That means 125 students need to get on buses and each bus hold 48 students. How many buses will the school need?  Answer 3 buses
How to work it out? They have two ways to worked out this question.
1: First one is 125 divided by 48 is 2.6 the 2.6 is bigger than 2 so we need 3 buses.
2: Second one is one is first 48 X 2 is 96 but the answer is small than 125 48 X 3 = 144 the answer is bigger than 125 so we need a 3 buses.
As part as Christmas today for maths Ms Kirkpatrick decided to set a maths challenge for LS2. We worked in partners for one of our maths challenges and I worked with Ofa for the holiday problems. We had to solve all 4 problems. After that we had to choose one problem to explain how we solve it out. We decided to explain how we worked out number 4.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Google Games

Today I played Google games. This game is a part of our tasks. The game is like scratch. I think this google game is hard then scratch. However the it very fun. The this games task is to correct the all of the carrot. 

Team Work

This week for leadership we were learning about team work. These photo's show examples of what teamwork looks like at Panmure Bridge School. Teamwork is an important trait shown by some of the most influential leaders around the world. Above is my group and I's understanding of teamwork. 

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Maths Drawring

Today's task for maths is using coordinates to form a dog picture. We used the ladder rule to complete this task. This is how the ladder rule goes... First you always have to walk across then climb up the ladder.