Wednesday, 17 August 2016

cad bury chocolate

Name of product

Cad bury

Who do you think the intended buyer is?  Kids with  money

What kind of advert is it?

TV                           Radio                  Magazine           Poster
How do they try to persuade you to buy it?

With pictures      

With words                          

With music                            

With questions

With jokes

With catchphrases                

With jingles                           

Other: _____brum's____________
Do you think it is a good advert?

           Yes          No

Because it  is a cool
And it so yum chocolate  
Would you buy the product?     Yes                      No

Why? Because it is a better  than others chocolate

Do you think the advert is honest?  Yes                      No

Why? Yes because you can buy it and it is so yummy

What words do they use to sell the product?
It  is $0.00001 a yummy chocolate

 L.I we are leaning to be able identify make's an effective advert
the heard one was to write 
the easy was to do the tick

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